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Our Mission
To fulfill our students’ dreams with professionalism, integrity, and dedication.

What EXACTLY we do

We’re looking for families just like yours, loving and nurturing. We are searching for families who are willing to accept and host foreign high school students. We are keen on selecting families that can provide hospitality and love towards these kids as if they were your own. This can be a great experience not only for our students, but it can be an enrichment towards your family as well.

Who are our students

Our AIEDU students consist of both males and females, age ranging from 13-18. They are coming from all different parts of China. Moving from one continent to another is an exciting opportunity, but it can also be quite intimidating. 

How you can help

Students all have the same dream of being able to live in another country and experience American Culture. We believe that living with your families can help to improve their English speaking skills, and immerse into American culture.

Homestay Program highlights

• Chinse students studying in private schools in Greater New York
• 24/7 support from AIEDU Staff (fluent in Chinese and English)
• Generous stipend provided to Host Family
• Must speaking English with students

Host Families’ responsibilities

• Three meals daily in Weekend and two meals daily in weekday (students usually purchase lunch at school)
• Necessary transportation to/from school and extra-curricular activities (bus and carpool are available if safely reachable )
• A private bedroom for each student (2 students max per family)

How to become a Host Family

• Go to our website and fill out the online application form
• Phone interview
• Family in-person interview& house tour with photos of common places
• Background check including Statewide & Nationwide Criminal & Sex Offender checks
• Decision letter sent to host family applicant
• Match of students to accepted host family
• Skype call between students and accepted host family
• Finally, decision is made by both parties

Q & A:

{item title="1. How old are AIEDU students?"}
Most of our students are in the age range between 13 and 18, from 7th to 12th grade.
{item title="2. Where are AIEDU students from"}
Our students are  from Asia, majorly from China.
{item title="3. Most of my children are older and living out of the house-can I still host?"}
Yes, actually most of our families host have an extra room because a child has left for college or any other reasons. Older couples and others who have never had children are welcome to our host family program as well. It is a great experience for all.

{item title="4. Do AIEDU students have Health Insurance"}

Yes, by law all of our international students are required to have health insurance. AIEDU helps students purchase this and provide the information to our host families.


{item title="5. What will they eat? Do AIEDU students like American food?"}

Yes, most of our students come from major cities and hubs in China where American food such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subways, etc. is popular. Also, most Chinese are used to eating meats and vegetables of all kinds as part of their diets. 


{item title="6. What happens if we go away on vacation-can I take the student with me?"}

Yes, that would be great if you would like to include your students with you. We encourage our students to bond with our host families and be included in such family events. Student will have their own spending money for extra costs such hotels, eating out, plan tickets, other transportation, etc. 


{item title="7. What do AIEDU students pay for while they are in the U.S"}

Students are required to pay for anything except basic living expenses. “Basic living expense” include shelter, heat, food, transportation (it depends), fuel, love & care. Student will use their own money for items such as lunch at school, going to the movies, purchasing books, clothing, going out with friends, mini-vacations, etc. 


{item title="8. What happens if we are unable to host half way through the year due to family emergency. Change in living situation, etc?"}

We understand that things happen. As long as you provide us with advance notice, we have back-up host families that would be more than willing to host your student. However, we strongly recommend host families to commit to host for at least 5 or 10 months to avoid such issues. (January or September school start date)


{item title="9. How many years do AIEDU students stay in the U.S.?"}

Our students usually graduate from high school in the U.S. with aspiration of going onto to American college or university. Thus, most of them will plan to stay in the U.S. for at least 3 years.


{item title="10. If we enjoy our host student and want to host them again the following school year, can we?"}

Yes, most of our current host families will host their same host students again for the following year. As long as both the student and host family agree to it, we are perfectly fine with you hosting the same student again. We also encourage that.


{item title="11. What if……"}

Many questions that haven’t been answered above can be answered by simply giving us a Call. We are here for your all questions and concerns. Don’t be heisted. We can help!